Primary education plays basic role in moulding the children best fitted to the generation to come. Utmost care and effort is absolutely necessary for realizing the aim of directing the children towards the path of success in their life and attainment of the good mind and spirit suited to the development of the culture and moral standards. The childhood is conducive for bringing about basic instinct and talent in children in the right way. Therefore the primary education occupies greater significance. More over the integration of moral and religious studies with common education will pave the way for the remarkable changes in the rural society which have aspiration for cultural and moral growth . This sort of education, no doubt, is quite inevitable. In order to realize these dreams Majlis management tried their best to create an atmosphere for imparting primary education along with Madrasa studies. As result the Majlis LP School started functioning during the year 1992. The school has got affiliation during the year 1995. Now the institution has marked a substantial development with 7 divisions at KG level and 18 divisions at LP Shool Level. 907 number of students are studying with institution.