Majlis Eduactional Complex comprising of LP School, Higher Secondary School, Arts and Science college, Polytechnic College, Wafi College is the outcome of social commitment, fulfillment of aspiration of a group of committed educationalists, philanthropist and devoted social workers with arowed objective of empowering the rural people especially the marginalized Muslim community thursting for knowledge with a focus on basic human values social commitment, moral principles personality development as creative talent with vision and mission “Culture Oriented Education”.

With grace of almighty considering the essentiality of primary education. The majlis committee established the Government aided lower primary school along with modern study in 1992

On the continual process of imparting valuable education the committee considering the significance of higher education resulting in the establishment of Majlis Higher Secondary School on 1993 with Madrassa study. Laying a greater emphasis on college education for the improvement of the rural society Majlis Arts and Science College has established in 1995. Now enjoys a prestigiouse position in our district thanks to the immense desire and hard at strenuouse endavour of the committed the Majlis polytechnic with the approval of AICTE and Kerala Government came into relating at started in functioning during this academic year itself.